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EMS Foot Massager

EMS Foot Massager

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Electric EMS Foot Massager Pad Feet Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat Improve Blood Circulation Relieve Ache Pain Health Care 


Name: EMS intelligent foot massage machine

Product material: leather

Built-in: silver paste meridian conduction system


foot physiotherapy, massage, stimulating acupuncture points, relieve pain, relieve fatigue

Through low frequency pulse (EPS/EMS) technology, stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves, promote blood circulation, and relax the feet.

*Soft and comfortable yoga mat material foot pad;

*Skin-friendly silver ion circuit printing;

*Separate host, the foot pad can be cleaned with a damp cloth;

*6 modes, 10 levels of intensity adjustment;

*15 minutes automatic circulation mode;

*Dual wave variable frequency;

*Folding foot pad javemay

How to use:

1. The host uses the foot massager: press the power ON / OFF button to turn on the main unit, press "+" / "-" to adjust the massager strength

2. Use your foot massager

Step 1: Place the main unit on the mat and make sure your feet are completely on the mat for 6 seconds.

Step 2: Press the power on/off button to initialize the control unit on the mat.

3. Recommend once a day

Foot massage cushion: 350x280mm


1x host 1X foot pad 1X manual (Battery not included)

Weight: 160g


Without original box

When using, put the bare feet on the mat first, please turn on the power. If you don't operate it, you probably won't be able to sense electrical stimulation.

The EMS style pad automatically closes during 20 minutes of operation. With safety protection and power saving function, it can be used safer and safer.

Portable - you can use it anytime



EMS Foot Massager

You save $28.00 (49%)
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